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We are proud to announce to you the new RAW STRENGTH BARBELL 7MM NEOPRENE (STIFF) POWER KNEE SLEEVES! 


But we have to warn you first, these are NOT your normal knee sleeves.


These Power Knee Sleeves are built for performance and designed to help you squat/leg press heavy ass weight SAFELY! Not for walking, not for warming up on the treadmill, and not just another fashion accessory.


Crafted with cutting-edge technology and materials, these knee sleeves are made with new DENSER, STIFFER, and HEAVIER neoprene than the average knee sleeve on the market. It provides you with the ultimate support and compression you need when squatting heavy.


Leg days will never be the same again.



SKU: RSB-KS00001
    • Superior denser and heavier Neoprene material
    • Provides maximal support and compression around knees
    • Non-Slip
    • Self adjusting ergonomic contoured design
    • 7mm Thickness, 28cm Length
    • Snap back to their orginal form after use
    • Comes in 8 different sizes: XS - 4XL
    • Sold as pair
    • Comes with convenient drawstring bag for perfect storage between uses
    • Hand wash with soap. Air dry
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