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Introducing our new Raw Strength Barbell Grips to comfortably eliminate grip fatigue and protect your hands from calluses during your heavy lifts! 

Made from a heavy duty non-slip material, these multifunctional weightlifting grips allow you to increase muscle isolation in both pulling and pushing movements.

Perfect for heavy Deadlifts, Pullups/Lat Pull Downs, and even for pressing movements such as the Bench Press to protect the arch of your palm from carpel tunnel and overuse strain.

These RSB Grips are quick and easy to use, just simply slide the grip once and wrap once and lift , then immediately let go when desired.

Padded with a neoprene wrist support, it makes every lift feel comfortable and secure.


    • Heavy duty cross stitched with leather pad for extra durability and comfort
    • Neoprene padding for extra comfort
    • Velcro strap to adjust for different sized wrists
    • One size fits all
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