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These Raw Strength Barbell Cement Grey Lifting Straps are the perfect companion for all your future Pull Days for maximum grip and support while lifting.


Made from high-quality woven cotton, these straps are built to withstand the heaviest weights without tearing or breaking whilst also being moisture wicking to maximise your grip.

These straps feature a unique Honeycomb patterned non-slip gel strip to further enhance your grip and lock in whatever weight you're using.

They are fully adjustable and secure so that you won't need to worry about your grip anymore and can fully concentrate on the lift itself!

The straps are also padded with soft foam allowing you to lift more with extra comfort and support to the hands and wrists.

Designed to bring out the Strength Within Us All.


SKU: RSB-LS00003
    • Non-slip on both sides of strap - Honeycomb-shaped silicone surface to ensure maximum grip and tactile comfort on the outside. Dual latex filaments guarantees stronger friction with rod-like design.
    • Signature "RAW STRENGTH BARBELL" logo engraved on anti-slip Honeycomb silicone surface.
    • 60 cm in length 
    • 5mm Neoprene extra thick cushion to protect the wrist whilst lifting.
    • Heavy duty quality - All round precision and reinforced stitching ensuring robustness.
    • Sold as pair.
    • One size fits all.
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